Matthew Abid of Michigan On Getting Promoted Quickly As A Sales Rep

matthew abid michigan

Matthew Abid of Michigan always appreciates when a new sales rep is looking to move up the ladder quickly. Having a hunger to advance in business is pretty much a requirement for successful sales reps. This desire is good, but Matthew Abid of Michigan notes that sales reps must be willing to put in the work. Today, Matthew Abid of Michigan will discuss different ways sales reps can move up the ladder fast.

For starters, a sales rep is judged based on their ability to meet their monthly sales quota. If a sales rep can continuously exceed their sales quota numbers, they can expect to receive a promotion or a bonus from their superiors. One of the reasons sales is such a thrilling profession is that it allows a person to bet on themselves. When a company hires a sales rep, they hire them to reach their monthly sales goal. This is where a current salary is justified. Only when a sales rep is knocking their sales number out of the park can they expect proper recognition. Once a sales rep surpasses their monthly quota, each sale is just another step in solidifying their spot as an invaluable member of the team.

Experienced sales reps like Matthew Abid of Michigan understand that there will likely be months where the only way to hit or exceed a monthly sales quota is to put in a lot more hours than your standard 40 hour work week. Those willing to go the extra mile and put in the work will likely receive the attention of their superiors sooner rather than later. Bosses want to promote people who are willing to go above and beyond for the sake of the company. For instance, if a last-minute project pops up or a prospect needs someone who is willing to speak or meet with them on a weekend, Matthew Abid of Michigan recommends viewing this as an opportunity to stand out from the pack. It’s one thing to tell superiors that you are ready to take on additional responsibilities, it’s a whole other thing to show them exactly how you can handle additional responsibilities.

Matthew Abid of Michigan knows that the dynamics of a sales team can be tricky. It’s a competitive field by nature, but those who can share helpful advice with the team should not be afraid to do so. By acting as a team lead, the group will begin to treat a newer sales rep like a team lead. It starts with setting a good example. No one is going to listen to someone who isn’t putting up serious sales numbers. From there, it’s all about providing constructive feedback and being willing to share different methodologies that have provided you success.

Finally, Matthew Abid of Michigan notes that you need a little bit of an ego to thrive in sales. Afterall, a sales rep must believe that people should listen to their advice. With that said, no one is above learning. By being highly coachable, you can constantly add new skills into your sales repertoire. It’s one thing to take advice from a manager, but it’s even better to seek out coaching lessons from veteran members of a staff. Never settle or grow complacent. Matthew Abid of Michigan has found that growth typically occurs when a person is struggling, so it’s vital to continue to challenge oneself to do more.

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