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Matt Abid Michigan

Matthew Abid of Michigan is very excited to share his thoughts on the beauty and fun of the great state of Michigan. As a leader in the sales industry, Matthew Abid of Michigan believes it is essential that people who work extremely hard find ways to make the most of their time off. Matthew Abid of Michigan believes that a good day out in Michigan is the perfect way to refocus and realign to make the very most out of the week ahead. This page will allow Matthew Abid of Michigan to share some of his favorite ways to spend a weekend in Michigan. Matthew Abid of Michigan hopes readers have a chance to try some of these fun activities and share their own suggestions in the comment section.

One of the hidden treasures of Michigan is the Michigan Maritime Museum. Matthew Abid notes that this museum does a fantastic job of educating guests on the history of the Great Lakes. Those who prefer to head outdoors can also look to hike along the Iron Ore Heritage Trail. This trail is more than just some of the most picturesque views in the states; it also educates visitors about the history of the iron ore industry, either via paid guides or signs along the trail.

Matthew Abid of Michigan highly recommends Frankenmuth, Michigan. This area is commonly referred to by locals as Little Bavaria, and it does feel like you have entered a downtown area of a German City when you enter the region. The town brings tourists from in and out of the state who love exploring the local shops. There’s a bit of a battle for the top dining spot in the area, as the chicken dinners at Zehnder’s and the Bavarian Inn both have passionate supporters. Matthew Abid of Michigan is happy to switch back and forth. Little Bavaria has its biggest crowds during the holiday season as it has Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland, which is recognized as the world’s largest Christmas store. While the store is extra crowded during the holidays, it does operate throughout the year, so feel free to get in the Christmas spirit in July or any other month on the calendar.

For those looking to appreciate the arts on their day off, Matthew Abid of Michigan recommends heading to Grand Rapids. As one of the larger cities in the state, Grand Rapids has been emerging as a place for new businesses, shops, and restaurants to flock to. Many of the best museums in the state can be located in or very near Grand Rapids. These museums include:

  • Grand Rapids Art Museum
  • The Grand Rapids Public Museum
  • The Grand Rapids Children’s Museum
  • The Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library & Museum.

The Big House, aka Michigan Stadium, is a must for any football fan, not just because Michigan football is coming off a playoff season and is poised to repeat as champions of the Big 10. Located in Southeast Michigan, something is awe-inspiring about visiting one of the most famous college football stadiums in the entire country. Matthew Abid of Michigan notes that those who can’t grab tickets to a game can still plan a day in Ann Arbor that they won’t soon forget. In addition to guided stadium tours, there’s plenty to do around the historic campus. The town has one of the best restaurant scenes in the country. It’s a multicultural community that features top cuisines in almost any variety of food. A trip to Ann Arbor is an excellent way to spend a Saturday.

Matthew Abid of Michigan recommends supporting the businesses in Lexington, Michigan, for those looking to enjoy more of the small-town community feel. Lexington, Michigan, is a great town to walk around on a spring or fall day, as the area has both waterfront views and a downtown area with plenty of shops to explore. It sits on the shores of Lake Huron, so it’s perfect for anyone enjoying the city of Port Huron. This area of Michigan feels like it comes from a different era. It’s the ideal place to avoid the city’s hustle and bustle. Regarding food, there’s no shortage of options, but Matthew Abid of Michigan has always enjoyed Wimpy’s Place. Locals believe Wimpy’s Place is an old-fashioned burger restaurant that serves nostalgia on the side.

There are so many more amazing Michigan destinations that Matthew Abid of Michigan could discuss, but for now, he will finish this list with the oldest neighborhood in all of Detroit. Corktown embodies the spirit of Detroit as it is a neighborhood that has gone through tough times and has come out all the better for it. The Irish heritage of the town is still on full display, but there are a ton of modern business additions and plenty of other evidence that the neighborhood is growing.

The local shopping brings about a lot of tourists, but Matthew Abid of Michigan will always make it a point to visit the site of the old Tiger’s Stadium, which is now commonly referred to as The Corner Ballpark. This area of the neighborhood provides a real sense of Michigan baseball history. The best restaurants are the Irish Pubs, but there’s something for everyone to enjoy in Corktown.