Matthew Abid of Michigan Discusses Some Of The Most Significant IT Trends

matthew abid michigan

Matthew Abid of Michigan is an information technology aficionado. Information technology is a great industry to have an interest in as it is constantly evolving. There’s always a new trend to follow or a new emerging technology that can change the way we live at home and in the workplace. Today, Matthew Abid of Michigan will discuss some of the most significant IT trends of 2023 thus far.

The trend that has earned more headlines than any other in the information technology realm is machine learning and artificial intelligence. Matthew Abid of Michigan believes that machines growing capable of performing tasks without being specifically programmed to perform them is a game-changer. Regardless of industry, businesses will continue to adopt artificial intelligence programs into their processes to improve performance, alleviate common production issues and increase overall company revenue. What’s been interesting about the emergence of artificial intelligence thus far is how widespread AI has become. Machine learning is doing everything from generating real-time traffic monitoring to predicting weather patterns to improve the agriculture industry. While human oversight will always be necessary, there’s no denying that businesses can find many different ways to boost their productivity and increase their bottom line via AI.

While it does not garner the same number of headlines as artificial intelligence, edge computing has been an emerging trend in artificial intelligence. Matthew Abid of Michigan notes that edge computing is helping businesses in numerous industries gather insights faster, enhance their bandwidth ability and ensure their data security. In an online landscape that features some of the most talented hackers in the history of the Internet, companies must do everything they can to secure their data. Businesses that utilize edge computing are less heavily reliant on a solid internet connection. Edge computing has the ability to process time-sensitive data with no connectivity to any centralized location.

There have been other trends in the world of cybersecurity in 2023. Matthew Abid of Michigan notes that organizations of all shapes and sizes have started to move their data to offsite servers to help mitigate the risks of a data breach from hackers. Companies are willing to invest heavily in any means that lower the likelihood of being susceptible to cybersecurity crimes. Matthew Abid of Michigan understands that companies can grow tired of constantly updating their security, but it’s a necessary evil as hackers and other cyber criminals grow more experienced and talented.

Matthew Abid of Michigan notes that virtual reality is having a moment in 2023. As VR technology advances, it’s being leveraged in everything from marketing and gaming to education and e-commerce. Some of the top universities in the countries are starting to utilize virtual reality to provide their students with “hands-on” experience in their desired fields. Medical universities are even using virtual reality to allow students to experience surgery without having access to any real-life patients. Of course, virtual reality was introduced to many consumers via the gaming world, but it’s growing at such a rapid pace that Matthew Abid of Michigan believes it will soon be just as likely to see VR at a person’s workplace as it will be to see it on a person playing a video game.

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